The following document outlines the basic rulings of Futsal (FIFA International Rules) that are implemented in Futsal HQ competitions, accompanied with a number of by-laws. For further information we kindly request that all players and teams peruse our FAQ page at

Please note: The onus is on the Team Captain or Delegate to ensure that all team members know and understand these rulings.

Each team shall consist of 5 (five) players being 4 on-court players and 1 goalkeeper.
The minimum number of players required in order to commence a match is 3.
In a Mixed League, a minimum of 2 females and 2 males are required to be on the court at all times (unless a team is genuinely short on players – please see dot-points below):

MIXED LEAGUE: If a team only has 3 players available, a match may commence with just 1 female and 2 males (or vice versa);
MIXED LEAGUE: If a team only has 4 players available, a match may commence with just 1 female and 3 males (or vice versa).
Substitute players: A maximum of 5 substitution players are permitted in any one fixture.
*Please note: No player may play for more than one team if the player is already registered with another team in a respective competition. (Exception: A (1) player has been approved to fill-in for another team that is genuinely short on players. I.e. the team only has 3 or 4 players available on court at kick-off time).

Further to the above, if you are participating as a fourth or fifth player (fill-in) for a team and you are registered with another in the same league (or competition night) you are expected to participate in the respective team’s match for the entire duration. Note: Unless you are injured whilst participating or just assisting until a latecomer arrives you must complete the match. Common sense should prevail at all times and if in doubt please speak to the Competition Administrator. Nonetheless, we ask that all participants keep the values of sportsmanship in mind.

Player transfers during a competition season: A player may transfer from one team to another team only once during a competition season on a respective competition night. In order to conduct a valid transfer, the team acquiring the player must submit a written request (via email to for permission at least 48 hours PRIOR to an upcoming fixture involving the proposed / new team. Outcomes will be provided in writing as promptly as possible. In order the transfer to be considered valid, the following items must be provided in full:

Player’s full name
Player’s current team
Player’s proposed / new team
Player’s contact number – mobile preferable
Player’s email address
Player’s postal address
Player’s date of birth.
Any team that uses a player that is registered for another team on the same competition night will have their result subject to a forfeit loss and possibly face further disciplinary action.

Teams are most certainly permitted to bring in friends (or other players from a separate league) to fill-in for their team should they know in advance they will be low on numbers for a particular match. However, player(s) will NOT be considered a ‘fill-in/emergency’ player should he or she participate in two (2) matches for a particular team in a competition season. The member would essentially become a regular player for the respective team and logically the Rules of Competition maintain applicable. This ruling exists to prevent the practice of ‘floating’ and un-registered playing members who participate for various teams in respective divisions and subsequently act against the spirit of the Rules of Competition. If in doubt, please write to our Management Team at

However, you’re most welcome to add a player to your registration playing-list after you’ve submitted a form you must notify us in writing ASAP (via email only) with the following:

Player’s full name
Player’s contact number – mobile preferable
Player’s email address
Player’s postal address
Player’s date of birth.

Alternatively, please direct the player to complete the following link:

Once the above details are provided to Futsal HQ the player(s) in question will be added to the designated team’s registration form for the current season. It’s that easy!

We certainly don’t discourage fill-in players, in fact, fill-in/emergency players ensure games go ahead in many instances whereby a team was originally likely to forfeit, however we must ensure each team captain/delegate is aware of their responsibility to inform us of the fill-in/emergency players’ participation in our leagues.


*REDEEMABLE BOND FEE PAYMENT : $75.00 (MINIMUM) is a match fee payment in advance per team and all teams must have an ‘active bond fee’ held as a security payment during the course of the competition season. In the case of a forfeit, the bond fee of $75.00 will be used to cover the missed fixture and is to be re-paid in the subsequent round by the respective team. The bond is simply a ‘game fee paid in advance as a deposit ‘ and is redeemable as long as your team doesn’t forfeit a match or fail to pay a match fee – subject to conditions as per Section 6 of Rules of Competition). Note: A team will NOT be permitted to use the bond fee should the team be returning for a following season, instead the bond will roll-over into the upcoming new season the team will be joining. Further details regarding the bond fee and forfeits can be found below.

*FORFEIT FEE (BASED ON A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS NOTICE) : AS PER ABOVE, $75.00 REDEEMABLE BOND FEE USED. In the event a team does not have an active bond fee, a forfeit fee of $75.00 will be applicable to the next match. This fee will need to be re-paid at the team’s next match in addition to the match fee.

*FORFEIT FEE (LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE OR UNNOTIFIED) : $100.00. This applies in cases where a team forfeits with less than 24 hours’ notice and/or does not communicate with Futsal HQ Competition Management (phone, SMS or email to advising of a forfeit with confirmation of receipt.

Please refer to the additional notes below in respect to forfeits and use of the bond.

5.1 MATCH DURATION: Matches consist of 2 x 18 minute halves and teams change ends at half time. Furthermore, there is a one-minute break at half-time.

5.2 SEASON LENGTH: In most competitions a season duration is between 14-20 rounds plus a 2-week Finals Series, played over 2 competition nights.

5.3 MATCH RECORD: Upon arrival to each competition venue the team captain or delegate MUST complete the game sheet with full details of all players for the match, including shirt number, first name and surname. This must be completed before play can commence.

5.4 PAYMENT OF MATCH FEES: Payment of match fees is to be made PRIOR to the commencement of the game. If this cannot occur, please have the courtesy to notify the League Administrator, however failing to pay before kick-off is a breach of competition rules and will be reported by the Competition Administrator.

5.5 LEAGUE FIXTURES: Fixtures will be sent to each team captain and available for viewing online on the Futsal HQ website. It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure an active email address is provided to Futsal HQ at all times.

5.6 COMPOSITION OF LEAGUE DIVISIONS : Futsal HQ Management reserves the right to determine an appropriate division for new and/or existing team entries, taking into account the previous season’s results (if applicable), vacancies, availability and the formation of a division.

5.7 MATCH TIMES: Match times are set and cannot be altered in order to suit team’s preferences. Please note: misreading the fixture will not be considered an acceptable excuse for failing to attend a scheduled match and forfeit fees will apply (i.e. the competition bond will be used). In fairness to all teams, we always look to have an even spread. However, teams can request certain time slots (e.g. only games between 6:00pm-8:00pm) however we cannot guarantee all requests will be granted and it will depend on several circumstances. Providing a reason for requiring early or late match times improves your chances!

Not all teams like playing the earliest/latest games of the night however we do our best to accommodate all team’s requests. Any requests MUST be submitted via email no less than 2 weeks before a new season commences.

5.8 COMPETITION POINTS: In all league fixtures, match points will be awarded as follows:


Note 1: BYEs count as matches played – excluding Player Suspensions.

Note 2: Forfeits count as matches played with the exception of cases whereby a Player Suspension was to apply (i.e. the player must serve a suspension round where a match has been participated in by the respective team).

Teams are required to have a Captain who will act as a reliable contact person with an active email address along with a current contact phone number. If there is ever a change in contact-person we request that you email our Management Team ( at the earliest possible opportunity. Emails are sent to teams throughout each competition season and we certainly like to keep all participants informed of any news or league information.


Team Jerseys: All team members must wear the SAME ‘primary coloured’ shirts except for the goal keeper. All shirts must be numbered and must have sleeves (singlets / sleeveless jerseys are NOT permitted) and there are to be no duplicate numbers. Variation in trim (e.g. stripes, monograms, patterns, etc.) on jerseys is allowed provided that such trim does not become the dominant colour of the uniform. Exception to the shirt colour rule: A fill-in player is provided by the centre or another team (only if a team is genuinely short of players – as per section’s 2 and 3 in the Rules of Competition).

Colour clashes: Where there is a clash of team colours in a respective fixture, the ‘away team’ (i.e. second-named team on the fixture) must wear bibs provided by the Competition Administrator at the respective facility.

Teams are discouraged from wearing predominantly black jerseys in our leagues as our referees’ kit is predominantly black in colour. Shin Pads: must be worn by ALL players at ALL times in ALL competitions as dictated by our Insurance Policy.

Jewellery: ALL players must remove jewellery (any part of the body) prior to entering the court and includes but not limited to items such as watches, chains, rings, earrings, studs, bracelets as it presents a danger to the individual and other players. The only `taping’ that may be permitted, is that of a flat wedding band and this is at the referee’s discretion.

Footwear: Appropriate non-marking footwear must be worn to play at all times. Player’s may be excluded from participating in a fixture they do not have appropriate footwear and their footwear is marking the court. No studs or spikes are permitted.

Headwear: All hats, caps, non-religious / non-medical headwear must be removed before entering a court. Sweatbands & headbands are permitted provided it does not present a danger to the individual or any other player.

Eyewear: Players are permitted to wear sports goggles or sports glasses as long as, in the referee’s opinion, the glasses pose no danger to the player wearing the glasses or any other player on the court. All edges, arms, corners, frames should be rounded to minimise the risk of jabbing / spiking to other players, especially but not limited to, the face and eye area. Contact lenses are strongly encouraged.

*Note: The appointed referee, at any time, has the right to order a player wearing potentially dangerous eyewear, to vacate the court. If a match has commenced, the appointed referee will consider challenges for the ball, competitive headers and ‘near misses’ when considering such a decision.

Player Casts: No player may use equipment that is of danger to him/herself or another player. Players wearing a ‘soft cast’ or a ‘soft protection guard’ may be permitted to play if the cast does not present a danger to the individual or any other player. The rule the appointed referee will apply if presented with such circumstances is to gauge: ‘does the guard applied feel like an arm?’. The appointed referee will make the final decision as to the acceptability of any cast. Hard plaster casts are considered to pose a danger to both the wearer and other players and are not permitted to be worn. In some cases the practice of padding a hard plaster cast does not reduce the element of danger and this includes ‘fibreglass casts’.

Matters Not Covered Above Regarding Attire:

Sporting attire is to be worn at all times and includes : sports jerseys, shorts, socks, shin pads, leggings, bike shorts, sports skins, non-marking futsal/indoor soccer shoes/runners and appropriate tracksuit pants.
No article of clothing shall contain pockets, buckles, loops or other objects that may cause a risk to the safety of other players.
Jeans are not permitted to be worn under any circumstances.
Any matter not appropriately covered within the Futsal HQ Rules of Competition shall be at the discretion of the appointed match referee of Futsal HQ.

5.11 ILLEGAL DRUGS/ALCOHOL: No individual will be permitted to participate in a match if it is suspected that he/she is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol (a report will be made to the Management Team). Spectators and players are also prohibited from bringing and/or consuming alcohol or drugs at a Futsal HQ venue. Don’t risk it, offending players / teams will face serious consequences, most likely team or player de-registration from the league.

6.1 REDEEMABLE BOND FEE: A bond fee payment (redeemable) applies to all leagues. The bond can be redeemed on the last game of the season or Final should your team not be competing in the following season. If your team will be competing in the season following, the bond will be transferred into the New Season – the bond is not to be used on your team’s final scheduled match in this instance.

*Please note, the bond fee will be used should your team forfeit a match. Additional information can be found below.

6.2 FORFEIT LOSS: A forfeit loss will apply to the team creating the forfeit. Arrangement for fill-in players must be made if a team cannot participate in a match. Please do not consider forfeiting an easy option when not being able to play. We appreciate captain’s doing their best to field a team and ensure there are enough members for each round of competition. Please make your team members aware that upon signing up for the team, they are committing themselves to being available for the duration of the season. Regardless, teams that forfeit a match will use their REDEEMABLE BOND and it will need to be re-paid in the following round of competition. This is to ensure a team has an opponent each round.

Forfeits not only disrupt the running of the competitions, but also disappoint other teams that look forward to their weekly game of futsal. If a team forfeits twice in a competition season, they may be withdrawn from the remainder of that season.

6.3 FORFEITING THE BOND: Should a team forfeit a match, the bond fee will be used and the team will have to re-pay the bond in order to compete in the next round of competition. The bond fee must be replaced in the following round otherwise 3 points will be deducted from each week until the fee is paid.

6.4 FORFEITS AND FRIENDLY/SCRATCH MATCHES: If a friendly/scratch match is played (by a team affected by a forfeit), the game fee APPLIES regardless and must be paid by the opposition team affected by the friendly – a Forfeit Win will apply. Refusal to participate in a match where a suitable opposition has been provided may result in no competition points being allocated and to be deemed a breach of Rules of Competition. As part of conditions of registration, teams are obliged to participate in fixtures determined by Futsal HQ. Note: If a friendly/scratch match cannot be organised (i.e. at least 3 players cannot be organised to create an opposition), no game fee will be applicable to the team affected by the forfeit. Please be advised that a score of 5-0 will be awarded to the team affected by the forfeit.

6.5 FORFEITING: If your team is forced to forfeit given low numbers and no friends/fill-in players available you should promptly contact Futsal HQ on 0433 000 444 or email us at with the following information:

Full name
Your team name
Your scheduled match time
Your contact number
Competition night
Competition venue.
Forfeit fees do apply, i.e. the bond fee is used and will need to be re-paid in the following round of competition.

6.6 WITHDRAWAL FROM A LEAGUE: A minimum of 7 days’ notice is to be given prior to withdrawing a Team; otherwise the redeemable bond fee will be used.

6.7 LATENESS: Teams that are late will incur a 1 goal penalty for every 2 minutes late. The clock will begin at the fixtured time and an Automatic Forfeit will apply if a team cannot supply 3 team members after 12 minutes has elapsed in the first-half. Forfeit Fees will apply to the team creating the forfeit and the result will be awarded as 5-0 to the team affected by the forfeit.

Rules will be kept in accordance with FIFA International Rulings plus our own by-laws.


At kick-off the ball can be played backwards or forwards (in line with the FIFA rule change in 2016).
Kick-offs are in-direct and a goal cannot be scored directly from the kick-off unless the ball has been touched by another player on route to goal.
There is a 4 second time limit on kick-ins, corner kicks, free kicks and goal-keeper clearance.
At the kick-in point, the opposing team must stand at least three metres away from the ball. Failure to do so may result in a Yellow Card to the offending player/players (at the referee’s discretion).
Players cannot play the ball whilst on the ground. If this happens, it will result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opposition team.
NO SLIDING TACKLES, the goal keeper is the only player who may slide for the ball as long as he or she does not use excessive force and they commence their slide inside their ‘D’. Nonetheless, if a sliding tackle by a goal-keeper is considered careless, reckless, or carried out with excessive force, it is a direct free kick (and a disciplinary sanction where appropriate). Any tackle that endangers the safety of an opponent should be sanctioned as serious foul play.
There is no offside. Players can enter the goal-keeper’s ‘D’ area and can score from any part of the court.
Goals can be scored directly from a corner.
Goal-keeper cannot leave his/her ‘D’ with the ball in his/her hands. If this happens it will result in a free kick to the opposition.
Goal-keeper may leave the ‘D’ in order to save the ball as long as:
He/she does not touch the ball with his/her hands
He/she starts his/her slide within the ‘D’ area.
Goal-keeper can drop-kick the ball on a ‘live ball’ only. I.e. If the goalkeeper has made a save, the ball can be drop-kicked back into play. The Goal-keeper must release the ball with his/her hands on a ‘keepers’ ball’.
Players may not use their elbows in order to shove the opposition from the ball. A warning will be given and a direct free kick awarded to the opposition.
Goals cannot be scored directly from a side kick-in, it must be touched by another player on route to goal to be counted. The ball must also be stationary upon kick-in.
Dropped ball: If, while the ball is still in play, the referees are required to stop play temporarily for any reason not mentioned elsewhere in the Futsal Laws of the Game, the match is restarted with a dropped ball.
The ball is out of play when:
*it has wholly crossed the goal line or sideline, whether on the ground or in the air;
*play has been stopped by the referee;
*it hits the ceiling or any other hanging object (the subsequent kick-in is taken from a point on the nearest touchline where the ball hit the ceiling).

Once a Team has accumulated five (5) fouls (in a half) a direct free kick will be awarded. A Goal can be scored directly from this free kick.

The free kick awarded for five (5) fouls can be defended by a wall of players. (At least a five (5) metre distance from the free kick position).
When a sixth (6th) foul (in a half) has been accumulated, a free kick is to be taken from the 10 metre line or from the point of infringement if it’s within the 10 metre line and offending team’s goal in the offending team’s half. (The appointed referee is to provide an option to the player in this instance). A defensive wall is no longer permitted in defence of the free kick (direct) from the 6th foul onwards and all free kicks are direct.
The player taking the free kick shall kick with the intention of scoring a goal and shall not pass the ball to another player.
Once the free kick has been taken, no player may touch the ball until it has been touched by the goalkeeper or has rebounded from the goal post or cross-bar.
Extra Time: In the event of Extra Time in a Finals match, accumulated fouls carry over into the Extra Time period for the entire duration.

PENALTY KICK & DIRECT FREE-KICK ON THE SIREN: A penalty kick awarded on the siren (marking the end of the half or the game) must be played. A direct free-kick awarded on the siren (marking the end of the half or the game) must also be played.


Any player issued a Yellow Card is subsequently placed on a warning for an infringement of the rules.
Two (2) Yellow cards in one match is equivalent to a Red Card and will result in a minimum one (1) match suspension.
Frequent yellow cards in a competition to an individual may also result in disciplinary action with a Management-Imposed suspension to apply.
The following will not be tolerated at Futsal HQ competitions (not limited to the list below):

Slide tackles – intentional or not (at the referee’s discretion)
Kicking, pushing in the back and/or front
Intentional tripping of an opponent
Foul language
Racial vilification
Unduly rough play
Intentional hand-ball
Any foul, intimidating or abusive language directed towards a player or referee/officials on or off the court
Shirt pulling
Deliberate obstruction
Body charging
Time wasting
Persistently infringing the Rules of Competition
Unsporting behaviour
Provocation of players / officials / spectators
Serious foul play
Violent conduct
Use of discriminatory, religious, ethnic or sexist remarks
Deliberate contact with a referee or league official
Displaying conduct that brings the game or Futsal HQ into disrepute.
Serious disciplinary action will be taken against offending teams that are disruptive at Futsal HQ competition venues.


Any player given a Red Card is to leave the court for the rest of the game with a minimum suspension of one (1) match, possibly more, depending upon the severity of the offence.
It is at the referee’s discretion as to whether a player can be replaced after 2 minutes or when the opposition score.
After a player has been red-carded, he/she is NOT PERMITTED to sit on the substitution bench or be in the technical playing area. (Note: The appointed referee also has the right to request the offending member(s) vacate the facility – depending on the offence).
As per above, red cards impose an automatic one (1) match suspension, in addition to any other suspension imposed by Futsal HQ whereby a harsher penalty may be considered, depending on the offence. Any such suspension and any additional match suspension shall apply to the next/subsequent match involving the player’s team.

The imposition of the mandatory one (1) match suspension is immediate and effective regardless of whether or not a disciplinary notice from Futsal HQ was received by a team captain/delegate. Therefore, if a player receives a red card in any given fixture, the player must miss the next official fixture that their team is participating in.

Note 1: In cases whereby Divisions exist in a Competition, the offending player(s) serving a suspension in a designated round are not permitted to participate on the competition night where the initial suspension had been applied. (For example, if you are suspended for a Round 1 match with your team in Division A, you cannot participate in a Round 1 match with a Division B team under any circumstances. The suspension is to be served on the ‘subsequent’ competition night of matches and round(s).
Note 2: Futsal HQ reserves the right to review or confirm any suspensions

As part of a player’s and/or team’s membership and registration with Futsal HQ, all members are expected to adhere to the Rules of Competition and conduct themselves in a civil manner at all times.

All players are to demonstrate respect for referees, opposition players, stadiums and facilities, Futsal HQ staff and Venue Managers. Any breach in behavioural standards will result in an official warning or immediate expulsion from a league.

As per registration conditions, at no stage is Futsal HQ under any obligation to accept, maintain or re-new team applications (or allow offending players to return to a competition) and past behaviour may be taken into account when an application to register or re-register is received.

We can also refuse entry to teams and/or individual players through our relationships with various Futsal organisation’s within Melbourne.

Futsal HQ do not intend to suppress passion or commitment whilst you’re on-court playing for your team, but rather, ensure that all participants understand that there is a line which divides passion and offensive behaviour.


All Futsal HQ matches are covered by qualified referees with each referee having successfully completed courses through Football Federation Victoria or other State Football governing bodies.

Additionally, we have developed our own infrastructure for training and qualifying referees as well as being responsible for their on-going education regarding the Laws of the Game.

Teams and players are kindly reminded that we all make mistakes. Whilst we all try to be perfect, there isn’t a player in this world that can get through an entire match without making a mistake – it’s part of the game. Referees are no different. Our referees try their best to be accurate with all of their decisions, but reality is that during the course of each competition they will make mistakes. Please accept it in the same manner that you accept mistakes from yourself and your team mates. The referees are not to be abused in any way whatsoever and above all, respect the referees as their decision is final.

Nonetheless, if you have any feedback regarding the standard of refereeing at your competition please feel free to email the Management Team ( and objectively provide your feedback with factual examples of the areas of concern.

11.1 INJURIES: The scoreboard clock will not stop for injury time, the injured player must vacate the court as quickly as possible. The player may re-take the court once he/she has been attended to. (Subject to the referee’s discretion, if a player is seriously injured). Futsal HQ Competition Administrators only provide basic first aid, they are not permitted to administer disinfectant or pain relievers of any kind. Basic First Aid kits are available each competition venue however Futsal HQ staff are not in a position to provide medical advice. You must not rely on a representative of Futsal HQ as to your medical condition or injury.

Injuries which may occur on premises under the control of Futsal HQ include (but are not limited to) the following types of injuries: injuries that may occur as a result of flooring, a futsal ball striking a player, tackles or collisions with other players on the premises or injuries relating to or caused by equipment.

11.2 BLOOD RULE: If a player is bleeding, they must vacate the court immediately to seek treatment. The player may return to the court once he/she has been attended to. All wounds that are open and exposed, whether bleeding or not, need to be covered with appropriate bandaging before a participant can return to the playing area. In addition, a player cannot return to the field with blood on their clothing – the clothing must be changed before returning to the court.

11.3 HOT WEATHER POLICY: In cases whereby the outside temperature exceeds 35 degrees, Futsal HQ have officially adopted the following guidelines regarding the playing of Futsal in hot weather conditions, which relates to players and officials. Futsal HQ recognises that there is a risk of injury, illness and in extreme cases, possible death, in participating in physical activity during extremely hot weather conditions.

11.3.1 Guidelines

Irrespective of the predicted temperature during the period of scheduled matches, League Administrators, players and referees should adopt the following as appropriate, in cases of hot weather:

League Administrators are to :

Take steps to maximise airflow and reduce heat build-up at your competition venue (e.g. making use of any exhaust fans, airways or air-conditioning systems);
In consultation with Futsal HQ Competition Management and Referees, consider reducing match times to 2 x 16 minute halves;
Conduct ongoing assessment of playing conditions and advise referees if any concerns.
Referees are to :

Call additional breaks (a stoppage in play for a drink break at approximately the 9-minute mark of each half for at least 30 second(s) drink break e.g. at a sideball) – referees are to pre-warn the teams of this additional break prior to the commencement of each fixture.
Be alert and react to any signs of distress/potential distress in players – referees will STOP matches in progress if need be and alert the League Administrator of a players’ circumstances;
In consultation with Futsal HQ Competition Management and Referees, consider reducing match times to 2 x 16 minute halves.
Players are encouraged and will be reminded to :
Increase fluid intake before, during and after their match(es);
Have water bottles court-side at all matches in cases of warm facility temperature;
Advise the League Administrator / Match Official at your match if they or any member of your team are distressed and/or seriously fatigued as a result of heat or humidity.

11.3.2 Postponed fixtures due to extreme heat

On days where the outside temperature for Melbourne is 42 degrees or higher as at 3:00pm AEDT (on the Bureau of Meteorology website ( or Weather Zone website (, matches may be considered for postponement and an email notification will be sent to the appropriate team contacts within the affected competitions. Note: Based on the two above online resources, when the temperature for the Melbourne weather hub (or closest weather hub) is 42 degrees or higher, the scheduled matches may be postponed, except where the forecast indicates that a cool change will decrease the temperature to below 42 degrees prior to scheduled matches. Venue-specific conditions will also be considered, however the final decision will be at the discretion of the Futsal HQ Management Team.

11.3.3 Rescheduling of Postponed fixtures due to extreme heat

The following steps will be considered whilst determining the rescheduling of a postponed fixture:

Host the affected round at a later date; subject to venue availability and season length – this will be first option considered and priority;
Futsal HQ reserve the right to determine postponed fixtures as a ‘0-0 draw’ for each match postponed within a particular round.

11.4: LIMITED LEAGUE INSURANCE: Many recreational activities involve a degree of physical risk and participants may sustain personal injuries or death as a result of my participation in recreational activities. If you are in doubt as to your capacity to engage in exercise you should consult a medical professional before entering a team in a Futsal HQ competition.

In order to keep competition costs at modest levels, players are encouraged to arrange their own separate insurance arrangements against the event that they injure themselves during the course of playing. Futsal HQ carries limited Personal Accident Insurance cover for individuals that have officially registered their details as part of the Futsal HQ team and player registration process. To be an insured team or member in a Futsal HQ competition, participants must be included in a completed, financial and validly lodged insurance form with Futsal HQ prior to participation. Please see our Insurance page for further information :

In respect to the Personal Accident coverage, the Schedule of Benefits is to be considered as basic and entry level, subject to a $500 excess fee (each claim) and DOES NOT include loss of income benefits. Futsal HQ encourage participants to review their own personal needs and circumstances and where appropriate consider Private Health, Life and Income Protection Insurance as the coverage is not comparable to many basic private health packages.

It is most important all are aware of the limited coverage provided and the procedure to follow in the event of a claim prior to an incident arising. Failure to be aware of the extent of coverage and procedures to follow often leads to unnecessary delays and in some cases, disappointment.

All participants must consider medical, social, paramedical costs as well as their own financial position if they are unable to work for an extended period before participating in a Futsal HQ competition. Players are therefore encouraged to insure themselves by arranging their own personal, medical and ambulance cover and to ensure adequate income protection insurance.

All participants and spectators must adhere to the conditions or rules of the venue in which your competition is held (i.e. no smoking, no marking shoes, no alcohol, adhering to car park speed limits). Any breach of conditions and/or anti-social behaviour will be dealt with accordingly by venue management and may result in expulsion from the respective Futsal HQ competition(s).
FINALS: A minimum of five (5) season games must be played by each player in order to compete in the Finals Series.

If a team is on equal points at the end of the season’s draw, the position on the ladder will be determined by the following means and order:

The team with the greatest goal difference will finish higher;
If goal difference is the same, then the team that has scored most goals FOR, will be deemed to have finished higher;
If goals FOR is the same, then the team who has conceded less goals will be deemed to have finished higher;
If goal difference, goals scored, and goals conceded are all the same, then the teams will be deemed to have tied and appropriate action will be taken by Futsal HQ.
In finals, if there is a draw at full-time, teams will play an extra 3 minutes each way, with the Golden Goal rule to apply. (Golden goal: First team to score wins). After this time, if the scores are still level, a penalty shoot-out will be played.


Please refer to the procedure below:

Goal to be used for the purpose of the penalty shootout is to be determined by the league referee;
A coin-toss between the two team captains will determine which team commences the penalty shootout;
Teams will nominate five (5) players to take the penalty-kicks and all players including substitution players will be able to be selected for these kicks, including the goalkeeper;
If after the five (5) penalty kicks taken by each team, the teams are still drawn, additional sudden death kicks are taken until one team becomes the winner. These sudden death kicks are taken one at a time per team;
Players red carded during the respective match are not eligible to take part in a penalty shootout;
Any eligible player may change places with their goalkeeper;
Note: During the penalty shootout, all players other that the immediate kicker and goalkeeper are to remain behind the 10 metre line.

TROPHIES: Teams are allocated 8 trophies per team for the Finals Series (Winners and Runners-Up: Division A/Division B where applicable). Winners & Runners-Up of a 3rd Place Final match will also have 8 trophies allocated. Additional trophies can be ordered at a cost by directing an email to our Management Team.

Any matter not appropriately covered within the Futsal HQ Rules of Competition shall be at the discretion of Futsal HQ.
Futsal HQ conducts 5-a-side futsal competitions across Melbourne, catering for all abilities. The competitions offered by Futsal HQ have a strong emphasis on enjoyment, fitness and fun, whilst providing social leagues with a competitive edge.

Rules exist in order to keep the game fair and in control, hence they are to be adhered to very closely.

Team spectators wishing to support their team must act in a civil manner at all times. They must not interfere or be distracting towards referees/officials and/or players. Team spectators are reminded that the leagues offered by Futsal HQ are predominantly for the players. As such, spectators are expected to show respect to officials, referees and participants involved in a match. Remarks or gestures made regarding a players’ personal beliefs, lifestyle choices/preferences, age, gender, height, weight or physical appearance will NOT be tolerated. Persons offending will be asked to vacate a venue and there will be consequences against the team(s) participating given the conduct of a ‘team associate’ or ‘team associates’. In the event individuals wish to behave in a manner that brings the sport into disrepute, penalties will be harsher than expected.