Futsal HQ: Individual Registration Form : Use this form if you are preparing to participate as a Guest Player in a Futsal HQ sanctioned competition OR if you need to be added to an already submitted Team Registration Form.

Individual Registration

DATE OF COMMENCEMENT (I.e. Date you will play your first match with your team)


1. Futsal HQ operate competitions based on a LOW-TOLERANCE POLICY : At no stage are Futsal HQ under any obligation to accept, maintain or re-new team applications (or allow offending players to return to a competition) and past behaviour will be taken into account when an application to register or re-register is received. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE TEAMS AND/OR PLAYERS AT ANY TIME FOR BEHAVIOURAL OR FINANCIAL MISCONDUCT. As part of a player’s and/or team’s membership and registration with Futsal HQ, all members are expected to adhere to the rules of competition and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. In order to protect the image and reputation of Futsal HQ, we are committed to maintaining a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment in relation to our competitions.

Consistent with the values of the organisation and in-line with the Futsal HQ Low-Tolerance Policy and conditions of registration, all playing members and team-associates are required to:

*conduct themselves in ways that are respectful to all, lawful and in the spirit of the game;

*refrain from conduct endangering the safety of players;

*refrain from engaging in or endorsing any form of threatening conduct, or vilification or abuse on the basis of race, gender, religion, disability or sexuality;

*refrain from any provocation of players, spectators and/or opponents that may lead to acts of violence, disruptive behaviour or use of offensive or abusive language or gestures; and;

*conduct themselves in a manner that does not damage (or have the potential to damage) the reputation of the Futsal HQ.

Futsal HQ do not intend to suppress passion or commitment whilst you’re on-court playing for your team, but rather, ensure that all participants understand that there is a line which divides passion and offensive behaviour.

2. All participants and spectators must adhere to the conditions or rules of the venue in which your league is held (i.e. no smoking, no marking shoes, no alcohol, adhering to car park speed limits). Any breach of conditions and/or anti-social behaviour will be dealt with accordingly by venue management and may result in expulsion from the respective Futsal HQ league.

3. All players must be registered to participate in a Futsal HQ competition. *Definition of registered participant : A registered participant is an individual who is engaged in activities that are provided, organised, supported or sanctioned by Futsal HQ with the individual's personal details provided in their entirety on a validly lodged Registration Form prior to participation. Note: Parental consent (written) along with approval by Futsal HQ Competition Management is required prior to participation where an individual is under 16 years of age.

4. In order to keep competition costs at modest levels, players are encouraged to arrange their own separate insurance arrangements against the event that they injure themselves during the course of playing. Many recreational activities involve a degree of physical risk and participants may sustain personal injuries or death as a result of my participation in recreational activities. All participants must consider medical, social, paramedical costs as well as their own financial position if they are unable to work for an extended period before participating in a Futsal HQ competition. Players are therefore encouraged to insure themselves get their own personal medical and ambulance cover and to ensure adequate income protection insurance.

Futsal HQ carries limited Personal Accident Insurance cover for individuals that have officially registered their details as part of the Futsal HQ team and player registration process. To be an insured team or member in a Futsal HQ competition, participants must be included in a completed, financial and validly lodged insurance form with Futsal HQ prior to participation.

In respect to the Personal Accident coverage, the Schedule of Benefits is to be considered as basic and entry level, subject to a $500 excess fee (each claim) and DOES NOT include loss of income benefits. Futsal HQ encourage participants to review their own personal needs and circumstances and where appropriate consider Private Health, Life and Income Protection Insurance as the coverage is not comparable to many basic private health packages. It is most important all are aware of the limited coverage provided and the procedure to follow in the event of a claim prior to an incident arising. Failure to be aware of the extent of coverage and procedures to follow often leads to unnecessary delays and in some cases, disappointment.

5. During the course of your participation in the competition you are entering, Futsal HQ-appointed Media staff may take photographs and film footage of you and your team members and may use the photographs and/or film footage for promotional purposes, including for use on the website, Facebook page and YouTube (public sites). You and your team agree and accept that filmed and photographed material may be reproduced for those purposes. Filming and Photography of matches primarily occurs on Grand Final nights and any promotional video includes (with prior consent) first names and initials of each participant. You are permitted to opt-out by directing an email to info@futsalhq.com.au or calling our Administration line on 0423 822 699 and we respectfully request that any opt-out request is directed to our Administration team in a timely manner.

6. Prior to submitting this form, you agree to read the Futsal HQ Rules of Competition in full, with any queries to be directed to the Futsal HQ Management Team : info@futsalhq.com.au : prior to participating.


(FULL NAME) ) declare that I have read the Rules of Competition pertaining to the Futsal HQ league I am entering and agree to abide by them. I understand the league I am entering operates under a low-tolerance policy and if at any point behaviour, conduct or commitment is questioned, the Directors and Officials have the ability to remove me or my team from the league. Furthermore, I will not hold the Directors or Officials of Futsal HQ responsible for any injury, damage or loss of property belonging to myself or members of my team.


About US

Futsal HQ! Commenced by sports administration & futsal enthusiasts in order to create fitness and socialisation opportunities for members of the community, particularly in Melbourne’s inner-south-eastern suburbs.

Futsal HQ offer the following social futsal competitions:

Burwood Mixed League
Camberwell Men’s League
Hawthorn Men’s League
Burwood Women’s League
Caulfield Mixed League
Carlton North Mixed League
Burwood Women’s League
Hawthorn Mixed League
Futsal HQ is open to all members over the community (aged 16 years and over) with a range of opportunities that allow participation and developing skills and knowledge in Futsal within an organised, enthusiastic and fun environment.